Ktima Bianco


花园、阳光露台、户外家具、免费无线网络连接、酒店 可提供私人停车设施,免费、行李寄存、保险箱、图书室、电视室、休息室、自助早餐、快速办理入住/退房手续、旅游咨询台、空调、暖气、客房服务、每日清洁服务、在客房内享用早餐、隔音客房、家庭间、防过敏客房、禁烟客房、吸烟区、租车服务、自行车租赁(额外收费)、票务服务、骑马(应要求提供额外费用)、潜水(额外收费)、自行车、徒步活动(额外收费)、洗衣 (额外收费)、干洗(额外收费)、熨衣服务(额外收费)、宠物是不允许的

单位总数: 6


豪华双人房 26m2(2-3人) - 服务和设施

1大双人床、沙发床、空调、免费无线网络连接、阳台、户外家具、户外用餐区、花园景、山景、市景、客厅角、麻布、暖气、平面电视 32”、枕头(Coco-Mat)、衣柜/衣橱、唤醒服务、隔音、小厨房、冰箱、厨房用具、炉灶台、电烧水壶、咖啡机、餐桌、带淋浴的浴室、免费洗浴用品、浴巾、吹风机、熨斗、干燥的阁楼、私人入口、上层只能通过楼梯进入、禁烟

豪华双床间 26m2(2-3人) - 服务和设施

2张单人床、沙发床、空调、免费无线网络连接、阳台、户外家具、户外用餐区、花园景、山景、市景、客厅角、麻布、暖气、平面电视 32”、枕头(Coco-Mat)、衣柜/衣橱、唤醒服务、隔音、小厨房、冰箱、厨房用具、炉灶台、电烧水壶、咖啡机、餐桌、带淋浴的浴室、免费洗浴用品、浴巾、吹风机、熨斗、干燥的阁楼、私人入口、上层只能通过楼梯进入、禁烟

豪华双人或双床间 26m2(3位成人,1名儿童) - 服务和设施

一张大双人床或2张单人床、沙发床、空调、免费无线网络连接、阳台、户外家具、户外用餐区、花园景、山景、市景、客厅角、麻布、暖气、平面电视 32”、枕头(Coco-Mat)、衣柜/衣橱、唤醒服务、隔音、小厨房、冰箱、厨房用具、炉灶台、电烧水壶、咖啡机、餐桌、带淋浴的浴室、免费洗浴用品、浴巾、吹风机、熨斗、干燥的阁楼、私人入口、上层只能通过楼梯进入、禁烟


先生 Stavros Chamilothoris
电话 (+30) 22850 26673
移动 (冬天) (+30) 6974 203183 WhatsApp
email: info@ktimabianco.com


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We would like to inform all our guests and our prospective guests, that we are seriously and diligently addressing all issues relating to COVID-19.
Within our premises we are undertaking all necessary actions to ensure the highest standards in sanitation and hygiene.

1. We have carried out and will continue carrying out extensive sanitization throughout all of the property's areas, both indoors and outdoors.

2. Our staff and / or collaborators are constantly being advised on the best ways to maintain a sanitized, hygienic environment in all areas under their supervision.

We are applying special care to this sensitive issue and assure you that we will continue with the same diligence in all actions we undertake.


As far as potential cancellations are concerned due to COVID-19 related issues, we will exhibit understanding and flexibility. By way of indicative examples, cancellations caused by changes / cancellations of flights by decision of the airline or the authorities of the country of origin, or cancellations due to someone contracting the virus, will be handled with flexibility from our end, in order to reach the most appropriate solution.